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  1. yess!!! i was very happy because i found him,i have looked for him in 6 hotels and he was in the last! my child dream has became true!!!!!!! you can write in french!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!je c lire l france!!
  2. votre supporter....they came with a citroen xara!
  3. demain en peut plus! i will send more photos tomorow, i think that i have 9photos and with those 3 12!so tomorow 9 photos!byby and thak you damien
  4. that photo before this was me and jb after his race at the hotel and know this is one of your supporter! more photo tomorow because now i have to go!byby
  5. i know reading french dear damien.I know writing french to but sms french.Im born in paris and im only french but now i live in slovenie. WAHT EVER YOU WRITE ON forums ,i can read it! so you can explain me how to send photos please!
  6. ouiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have done it! I dont know what was wrong but now im here! if somebody need some photos of kranjska gora,just ask me and tell me how to send it!byby
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