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  1. hei...italie=antisportif....WE KNOW THIS IN ALL SPORTS for italy....but we have to know that if jb came to the end...he had the GLOBE! jb is 23years old....i think or im SURE that in 10years of carrer he will winn more globes...and probably the biggest too.....!!!!!!! JB LEGENDE pour toujours
  2. IL VA PA PLEURERRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!il va ce battre!!!!!!!!!!!!!et il va gagne.....allez jb....!!!!
  3. ok damein...alor ours polaire!!!!! tell me when you know when does JB come on the forum
  4. damien...when you will know when will jb come on the forum please....tel me....!!!!!!!!byby
  5. Tout perdre je trouve que c'est un peu fort, quand on est 2ème en coupe du monde. marmotte...you are true...we can be proud of our idol!!!!!!!!!!! he is the second best skiing man in the world(fo me number 1)
  6. IM FROM PARIS!!!! and im in a skiing club for 8years
  7. non...tu va pa pleurer...tu va te batre et gagne le globe FOR THE NEXT YEAR JB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!everybody with you here!im sadddd...to much sad...oh yeah FRED...thanks for the message>!!!
  8. BUT ....we have to nkow something.....jb is 23years old and...at 23years he is the second best slalomist in the world(FOR ME...HE IS THE BEST)!!!!!!!!!!!!! so....next year he wins...im SURE AT 120%
  9. non non nonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its not trueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!jb...next year....YOU WIN!!!!!!!
  10. fred...tomorow i will not be at home soo...please...can you send me a text message on my telephone number 0038651347664.....i go to a chemist competition with the school....merci et salut
  11. versa. En plus, je "joue" à la maison. Dans ma position, je ne peux que gagner la Coupe. Grange (slalom) et Ligety (slalom géant) ne peuvent que la perdre jb...you have to bate him...i think that manfred was drunk when he was talking for eurosport!!!!go jb
  12. could somebody here write me a message tomorow after the first and second run on the slalom because i will not be at home>! if somebody can...my number is 0038651347664! thanks
  13. i have a question! how old is the younger member on the forum(or on the page www.fanclubjbgrange.com)????
  14. go go go go! jb...everybody with you here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! jb legende
  15. merci becaupe...i was sure that there was a friend of jb because that man has told me where must i go to see jb...i found him in the hotel larix! you must be true because there was some older men!thank you and byby
  16. how many people from valloire will go to bormio....if they can....they have to come to slovenia(its 200-250km from nova gorica my city) and i will go with them!!!
  17. its strange because they were all from valloire...with a ctroen xara!5older and 5younger ...all of them had a cap with FAN CLUB JB GRANGE ...and it was wrote www.fanclubjbgrange.com and because of that im here now...
  18. does jb come sometimes od the forum??? can you tell me when is he going to come??
  19. a oui marmotte...do you know anybody who was on the photos...if you know who the are...please,gave him a hello and asked them if they remember the SMALL fan!
  20. j sui fan d jb depui 2ansssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!! im a fan! what a question!!
  21. merci marmotte!!!! and this summer i will come to valloire! yupiiiii!!
  22. this is another of yours fan...fred...you can write in french!
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