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  1. In thes two pictures you can see the differance; on Dimanche dans Les Alpes du Nord, et Lundi dans Les Alpes du Sud.
  2. Mois aussi; ten days ago everybody on this forum was an expert and wrote that there would be much snow from today. First see it, than believe it.
  3. Hier, c'etait le plus chaud jour dans Janvier dans Hollande dans 300 ans!
  4. http://www.landi.ch/fra/0805_niederschlagsprognosen.asp
  5. http://www.landi.ch/fra/0805_niederschlagsprognosen.asp Beaucoup dans le nord et un peu dan votre vallee?
  6. Je pense que la site da La Chaine Meteo, chanced, avec la meteo dans les montagnes et meteo au 8 jours. http://www.lachainemeteo.com/index.php?langue=fr
  7. Happy Christmas and a good New Year
  8. Il neige maintenant dans Valloire!! Voire la webcam
  9. Un cigale dans ma tente a Lavandou (Juillet 2006).
  10. Aigile D'Arves, mais vu from Alpe D'Huez.
  11. Congratulation pour Antoine Deriaz et pour la France!!!
  12. Last three years I was in the week from 29 Janvier au 4 februar (or a day later, or earlier) in Valloire. We liked it! The weather was good, only last week, the snowconditions were not so good. Lutins were closed and every day there was less snow and more stones on some pistes. But I must say, the pistebulleys and there chauffeurs, they did there best. On the website of Valloire you can see that there is 30 cm - 85 cm snow, this is not on the pistes (10 cm on the Selles) We had a good time and we hope to come back in the summer.
  13. L webcam de sculptures ne marche pas. A 28 Janvier nous alons a Valloire et ce webcam etait un bien vu al la neige dans la village.
  14. It is difficult to say something but we let you know that many people somewhere in the world, there minds are with you and your family.
  15. Merci "Pepito" votre site est tres bien. Next year it is the 3 time we (4 people, about 49 years old) go to Valloire. We have got the best information about Valloire from Cybervalloire et from your site. I am sure that you will give many people much pleasure when they go to Valloire, in summer or winter, and they are searching on internet photo's or other intresting things about Valloire. Great site!!!
  16. J'ai donnée un compliment par e mail a valloire.com. (so they do it more )
  17. Antoine


    Look good!! Dans deux jours toutes est blanc!!!
  18. Antoine


    The webcam on Crey de Quart is working again!!!!!!
  19. Don't tell him that an other person was the first. He wil start And than he will and So let him think he is So let him think that he had a good When we give him a he won't vote for
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